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Here are some documents that can help you get into some applications.


MVSD Literacy Resource for eLearning R&W 

This document is shareable with parents and includes a brief overview of R&W and also information on troubleshooting installation/use at home.

R&W4G YouTube Playlist- TextHelp's (parent company of Read & Write for Google) YouTube Channel has extensive videos on R&W4G, as well as their other products. There are videos on various features of R&W4G, as well as overviews and troubleshooting videos.



Aquí hay algunos documentos que pueden ayudarlo a ingresar a algunas aplicaciones.


Español ~ Recursos de alfabetizacion de MVSD para Aprender en Linea



Вот некоторые документы, которые могут помочь вам войти в некоторые приложения.