Boys & Girls Club ~ Summer

Hello Mount Vernon Parents,

Summer registration is in full swing! We are taking early registrations for full summer at this time. There is a discounted price for registrations that come in before 4/22. Families who are registered and paid in full by 4/22 for the full summer program will also be entered into a drawing for a chance to win an XBox Series S.


Word of Wisdom

Word of Wisdom (Creativity) - April 11, 2022.

Ask a Student - Mental Health

As you all know, these last two years have been difficult for all of us, including all of our students. When the pandemic first hit, I made a #askastudent video on how students were doing during quarantine (which feels like a lifetime ago). 


Emotions Video

Here is the latest creation from my class, The Emotions Rap! We focused on emotions for this song because we've all been experiencing plenty of them lately and this song helps to process those emotions a bit. This song encourages kids (and adults) to not view feelings in a negative light, but to consider what it would be like if we only had a few emotions and how less colorful the world would be in that case. Emotions are actually very helpful and can guide us more than we think.