Orange circle with the words "Book Up Summer" in white in the center.

Good News! 


Our school is participating in Book Up Summer so each student in our school gets to choose from 12 books (Kinder-2nd grades) or 5 books (3rd-5th grades) for free!  The books will come to our school in June, and we will notify you when they have arrived to coordinate pick-up.

But first – everyone needs to order their books each.  The following links are for the catalogs: Kinder-2nd Grade Catalog or 3rd-5th Grade Catalog.

  1. Look through each of the book categories with your child (click the links to see all the books available in each category).

  2. Write down the numbers of the different books your child wants.  It is very important that your child chooses books that they are interested in. Let them take the lead.

  3. Enter your book numbers on the Order Form according to your grade. Your book order needs to be submitted by May 7th. 

  4. We will let you know when the books arrive in June so we can coordinate pick-up.

These books are a gift from Page Ahead for your family to keep. Read and enjoy them over the summer!


Please click on the following link for a tutorial video on how to order books:

Tutorial Video from Mrs. Hodges


Order forms for students/parents are in the following links:

Kinder-2nd Grade Order Form ~ Formulario Para Ordenar Libros Kinder-2ndo Grados


3rd - 5th Grade Order Form ~ Formulario Para Ordenar Libros Para 3er-5to Grados


Following you will find the flyers for both groups with links within the flyers:

Kinder - 2nd Grade Flyer

3rd - 5th Grade Flyer