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In my efforts to continue to provide transparency and consistent communication, I will be posting regular updates on my blog. You can find my first post with the latest district update at:

Superintendent Blog

Jefferson Weather Station

The new Jefferson Elementary weather station is up and running!  It is located south of the Blueberry.  This weather station is a professional grade weather data collection system.  We are able to upload our data in real time and see it online.  We can also look at our data over time.  Here is the live link.  

Jefferson Weather Station

Mr. Chad Norman

The Quarantine Song

During this time of uncertainty, stress and adversity, we wanted to put a music video together that emphasizes three things:


Family Resource ~ Anxiety

Here is a resource for families to read to help out with anxiety during these tough times.

Please take a moment to read and if you still feel like you would need or wish to speak with someone please contact our school counselor (Mrs. Heidi Hixson) at:

Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook