Giving Tree

September/School Supplies When you pick up supplies pick up one extra item. It makes a difference.

October/Socks, Coats, Jackets Has your student outgrown their coat? Bring it in.

November/Non-perishable Food When you're grocery shopping, pick up an extra can of veggies. It could help out your students classmate.

December/ Hats, Mittens It's winter, it gets cold, kids go outside.

January/Hygiene  & Dental Being clean is part of good health.

February/Sweatpants Students fall down on the playground and get muddy, forgot it was PE day or have other accidents.

March/School Supplies The pencils they had at the beginning of the year are little nubbins.

April/Food (pet food too) Families that need food sometimes have pets that need food too. 

May/Books We want students to continue to read over the summer.

June/Field Trip Donations Let's give all our kids a chance to go on an adventure!